AVJ Group CMD Presents Rich Homes in Outstanding Varieties

DSC_0081It has perpetually been the long standing desire of CMD of AVJ Vinay Jain to supply the best circumstances for a normal man’s existence. With his aid and support, a regular individual can seek to live in extremely comfortable arrangements in plush apartments. In our normal life, we don’t come across many people who would make such contributions; the owner of this company is an outstanding person in this regard. He has empowered the common man to acquire an agreeable home endowed with advanced facilities at a suitable sum of money.

This well regarded organization is renowned for its groundbreaking contributions in real estate. A large number of striking residential projects are attached to its name. These projects are a result of meticulous hard work and sheer dedication towards their work. The extravagant flats in Zeta-I are obtainable at an astonishing installment plan at the moment. One can settle on a decision from the diverse choices of flats in 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHKs which are furnished with exemplary appliances. Schools, universities, markets and medical facilities, the principal essential prerequisites required to move towards a happy go lucky life are at a suitable separation from this spot.

AVJ Homes in Beta-II, Greater Noida is another option with comparable qualities that one can consider. Having similar qualities like AVJ Heightss, these living arrangements are a superb lodging choice for the normal Indian. Wide green lawns, gym, clubs, full length security, swimming pool and various captivating assets can be enjoyed exclusively by the inhabitants. This esteemed real estate developer has stretched its wings to Bhiwadi, Rajasthan too through its most recent venture, AVJ Plaza, a solitary stop for shopping and excitement. Through their wonderful ventures, this organization has created huge benchmarks in standards of living. Contact this company today for a carefree life in a perfect home.


Finest Housing Abodes Brought to Reality by AVJ Group Vinay Jain

DSC_0084AVJ Group has come to be associated with awe inspiring residential projects at the moment, a result of their incredible constructions. Established in 2005, this company has emerged as a reputed real estate developer in this domain within a rather short period of time.  AVJ Group Vinay Jain had successfully interpreted the impending change in people’s lifestyle. He perceived that in the coming years, there will be a shifting change in the standards of living. However, he did not want the common man to be left behind in this. Therefore, through his company, residential projects replete with remarkable modernistic features are offered for the public at a low rate.

The prolifically supplied flats at AVJ Heightss are enables the residents to enjoy top of the world facilities. Inhabitants are in for a delight with this complex that provides extravagant options like swimming pools, gym, club, parks, kid’s play area and recreational centers. The excellent resources provided in this complex along with its magnificent splendor makes it a highly desirable place to live. Residents have no complain regarding water supply, power supply, maintenance and security as they have taken care of at the highest level.  This residential structure elevates the lifestyle pattern of the people through its facilities.

The location conjointly plays an enormous role in the rendition of this place into a hotspot for home seekers. This region has appropriate access to necessary institutions like educational institutions, hospitals and commercial enterprises. Positioned within the prime location of Greater Noida, all essential stations of Delhi NCR can be easily reached from this place. It has choices in 2/3/4/BHKs that can be obtained at a convenient price with the initial token being Rs. 8.64 lakhs only. The remainder of the balance can be paid through installments over a period of 10 years. This is a wonderful opportunity by AVJ Vinay Jain that one should not abandon at any cost.

AVJ Vinay Jain Perceives Common Man’s Dream Abode

AVJ Group Vinay JainAVJ Group has launched this company with the sole intention of accommodating average people into comfortable homes just like their rich counterparts. He feels that a common man should have as much access to luxury as an aristocrat does. For this very reason, he has started residential projects that are designed with the greatest techniques. These apartments are endowed with remarkable assets in order to give the residents the most comfortable experience in these living arrangements. And the biggest gift is their availability at exceedingly low rates which sufficiently reduces the burden on a regular individual.

The AVJ Homes at Beta I is a posh residential complex that accomplishes the definition of suitable living abode. Vinay Jain AVJ CMD has left no measures in complimenting the comfort level of the occupants in this housing complex. First rate facilities like swimming pool, gym, club, parks etc can be found in full swing at this structure. And that there will not arise any annoyance regarding the water and power supply is a guarantee of this company especially when they have arranged a continuous supply. Additionally, the place is surrounded by all essential establishments and thus, can be deemed fit to be considered a very suitable location.

Apart from this, the company has another suitable alternative at a fantastic location. AVJ Heightss at Zeta I, a superb living arrangement is not lacking in any way from its equivalent in Beta II. Likewise, it houses all modernistic features needed for a smooth life. And the best news doing the rounds in the market is that deluxe flats at this venture are put up for sale at a splendid plan. A potential home seeker can now pay an amount of Rs. 8.64 lakhs at the beginning and move into this awe inspiring dwelling. AVJ Vinay Jain has turned your hopes and aspirations of a lavish home into a real deal.

Vinay Jain, chairman & managing director Propels a Shopping Spree

Renowned real estate builder AVJ Group has developed a shopping mall replete with extravagant choices for the exclusive facility of the people of Bhiwadi. For the first time, the people of this city have access to a grand mall, AVJ PLaza that houses all essential items underneath one roof. One does not have to roam and here there anymore for locating your favourite clothing items in fashion stores all over the city. This company has brought the incredible facility of finding all products at a one stop destination. Additionally, it also serves as a new hang out zone for recreation and entertainment.

The company believes in quality living for people and through their various projects strives to facilitate this for people. Sheer hard work and commitment towards their job holds the reason for their incomparable growth in this sector in just about ten years. They have been procuring landmark creations and have made a huge name for these projects. Working for this company is a group of expert professionals that comprises of skilled engineers, architects, salesperson, technicians etc. Their massive expertise in this sector, developed over many years is the result behind the incredible infrastructures in these projects.

The real area where the company excels is residential and commercial structures. The housing projects AVJ Home and AVJ Heightss in Beta II and Zeta I especially, deserve a special mention because of the massive appreciation that it has garnered from its patrons. Vinay Jain, chairman & managing director has taken special measures to aid a middle class man in acquiring a comfortable home. Flats at AVJ Heightss are offered in the market at a very convenient payment plans. Suitable location is a prime aspect of these residential structures. This company has taken the citizens to new heights in retail, commercial and residential sectors through their unsurpassed innovations.

Vinay Jain AVJ Close to Fulfilling Many Dreams

The AVJ group set a prime point of using the best building methods and segments available and has appropriately conveyed to the guarantee. They have made an imprint in supplying alluring private buildings and stately townships on time and that too on shabby rates. AVJ Group Vinay Jain trusts in propelling lifestyles of individuals and presents another outline to their regular undertakings by effectively developing mastery and techniques. The prestigious group is one of the leading land groups in Delhi/NCR and recently initiated another lodging venture in Greater Noida, i.e. AVJ Homes.

The group has launched couple of more projects to expand their impact in the National Capital Region. The under progress AVJ Group Projects are AVJ Plaza, AVJ Homes and AVJ Heightss which all are arranged in the rich areas of Greater Noida. AVJ Heightss is precisely found in Zeta 1 and it is a multi storied building which contains different private flats changing from 1 BHK to 4 BHK and starting from Rs. 21 lacs. AVJ Homes, moreover is likewise a comparable kind of private development in Beta II which gloats of all the present day comforts in 3 BHK and 4 BHK units.

The business was made in 2005 by Vinay Jain, a driven 35 year old who became tied up with an unobtrusive capital in the endeavor yet despite the fact that to make it extensive scale much the same as the other youthful business competitors. AVJ Group CMD, Vinay Jain alongside his wife Asha Jain has put in some sheer diligent work in the business and now stands greater than a large number of their peers in the business today. He has not thought once again since and has gone to gather an immense status and impact that numerous takes a zillion years to attain. Regardless he strives for faultlessness and resolved to give complete fulfillment to the potential purchasers who look ahead to dwell in his projects.

AVJ Vinay Jain Looks Forward to the Completion of AVJ Projects

The interim budget of 2014-15 blew some people’s minds with some of its dynamic measures. The Chairman of AVJ Vinay Jain respected the new budget for its huge cuts on capital products and vehicles which thus will support the domestic manufacturing unit. The assignment of an enormous total of cash for both country and urban economy will eventually empower the individuals to bear the cost of comfortable homes. Notwithstanding, he expressed concern over that the issues in land has not been tended to in the budget. The long standing interest for lessening purchasing cost and expanding local interest has not been met.

Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director of the AVJ Group is a champion of the reason for the regular individuals. He established the framework of the AVJ Group with the sole vision to oblige the normal man in a comfortable home at a competitive rate. He has materialized this dream into actuality with the launch of AVJ Homes and AVJ Heights at Beta II and Zeta I, Greater Noida. These luxurious private flats are made accessible at an abject installment and the remaining offset could be paid in regularly scheduled payments in excess of ten years. This sensible installment plan is a brilliant open door to get your self a shiny new extravagant home.

With the unlimited extent of cutting edge amenities that they give, you can think about your cash well used. The housing projects gloat of the most astounding facilities like club, Scene Park, lavish green encompassing, non stop power and water supply. Apart from this, the spot is generally associated with presumed educational establishments, doctor’s facilities and business hubs. The proposed metro station close to this locale will encourage more connectivity and subsequently, could be viewed to really sweeten the deal. This spot is an impeccable living space to set up your home and raise your offsprings.

AVJ Group offers rare chance to get a dream abode

The AVJ Group has recently announced a remarkable payment plan that would empower a number of people to take a step towards their fantasy homes. It has been the supreme pleasure of this highly renowned company to offer its residential projects in Zeta I at an initial payment of 8.64 lakhs only. Marked for it’s out of the box facilities, AVJ Heights is a stupendous housing complex that has been the abode of hundreds of contented families. This company has always been a patron of the common man and has been a proud contributor in giving shape to middle class man’s hopes of being an occupant of a fantastic apartment.

Founded by Vinay Jain in 2005, this company was started with an aim to accommodate the aspirations of the average man. According to the CMD, every entity has the right to live in a comfortable dwelling and it is his personal wish to execute this task. He started two exceptional projects, AVJ Homes and AVJ Heights, fully furnished with the best of facilities and made them available at very reasonable rates as promised. He stood true to his words when he declared the wonderful flats of AVJ Heights available at a very low down payment. It is his primary desire to change the lifestyle pattern of the average Indian family but without putting a burden on their pocket.

This place abundant with extravagant features excels as a posh living area. With outstanding facilities like ultra modern clubs, landscape parks, gyms, swimming pools, kid’s play area and non stop water supply and power back up, it encompasses all requirements of a luxury apartment. The complex is suitably located within a measurable distance from necessary establishments such as educational, health care and commercial. Besides, the proposed metro corridor near this area will bring connectivity to your doorstep. The entire area is sealed with green trees formulating a regular streaming of cool fresh air. This is a place that is equivalent to the home of your imagination.


Relish the Emphatic Lifestyle in the AVJ Group Projects

AVJ Group CMD Vinay Jain was the sole contributor in the setting up of this organization to the front line of area business. The cruising expenses of area have obliged area brains of Vinay Jain AVJ group of companies to make inventive moves to create sensible residential and commercial structures for those with tight budget. Through AVJ Group, Vinay Jain has strived to develop sensible buildings with incredible amenities. The projects of this group have been making sensation for its famous facilities yet at inconspicuous expenses. Private homes in the projects in Beta-II, Greater Noida and Zeta-1 are evaluated at around Rs. 40 lakhs.

Planned and developed at favorable partition from the Buddh International Circuit, it moreover gloats about a staggering area. Recollecting the necessities of a family, these structures are developed in vicinity of educational institutions, health centers, sports plaza, commercial hubs and corporate sectors. These projects have furthermore melded premium excesses like diversion focus, club, security, enclosure et cetera. AVJ Group is in like manner the happy developer of an alternate shopping complex, AVJ Plaza at Bhiwadi. It is a standout amongst the greatest shopping prospects of Rajasthan. Not simply are all the brands available here, this spot contains a recreational locale, perfect for a weekend getaway.

CMD of AVJ Vinay Jain has taken remarkable steps to deliver the best amenities to you at ostensible expenses. Accepting that you are acquiring your first house, AVJ Homes is the perfect spot to abide. AVJ group projects have been making sensations for its populist measures in building homes and business spaces. Executing these projects has earned recognitions and in addition blessings for AVJ Group Vinay Jain from the scores of Indians wishing for homes at moderate expenses. Regardless, the working population of India has something to expect without anguishing over the arrangement.

AVJ Group Vinay Jain announces fantastic package for AVJ Heightss

Envisioning a common man’s aspirations AVJ Group Vinay Jain promotes a splendid payment plan for AVJ Heightss. The living apartments in this renowned housing complex are put up for sale at down payment of only Rs. 8.64 lakhs. The remaining balance is to be paid in installments over a period of ten years. A common man has never been offered such opportunities in real estate before which makes this offer a one in a million chance to move into a superb living abode. A peek into the kind of lifestyle choices that this place offers makes this payment plan a boon for the middle class Indian.

Splurging the residents with out of the world choices, this dwelling house encompasses all that is best. Some of the exclusive facilities that residents can enjoy at this complex are ultra modern club, gym, swimming pool, jogging tracks, playground for kids, picturesque parks etc. Regular features like continuous water supply, non- stop power back up, apt security, efficient maintenance are provided here with great effectiveness. In addition to these amenities, the interiors of the flats are specially worth mentioning for the very calm atmosphere it creates. Utter harmony pervades through every nook and corner of these luxury homes.

An apartment at a strategic juncture with renowned educational institutions, commercial establishments and commercial hubs at close vicinity is definitely worth investing. This is a place where you can think and plan a future for your family. With a deep understanding of the vision of every individual’s inner fantasy of a dream apartment, this acclaimed company has induced exemplary features in the infrastructure development of this place. To acquire this posh housing apartment, you have to invest a minimum amount that should not be much of a burden on your budget. And this, the company CMD has made sure to prevail.

Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director applauds the new budget

The interim budget of 2014-15 turned many heads with some of its progressive measures. The owner of AVJ Group welcomed the new budget for its significant cuts on capital goods and automobiles which in turn will boost the domestic manufacturing unit. The allocation of a huge sum of money for both rural and urban economy will ultimately enable the people to afford comfortable homes. However, he expressed concern over that the issues in real estate has not been addressed in the budget. The long standing demand for reducing borrowing cost and increasing domestic demand has not been met.

Vinay Jain, Chairman &Managing Director of the AVJ Group is a champion of the causes of the common people. He laid the foundation of the AVJ Group with the sole vision to accommodate the common man in a comfortable home at an affordable rate. He has materialized this dream into reality with the launch of AVJ Homes and AVJ Heights at Beta II and Zeta I, Greater Noida. These extravagant residential apartments are made available at a very low down payment and the remaining balance can be paid in monthly installments over ten years. This reasonable payment plan is a golden opportunity to get your self a brand new plush apartment.

With the vast range of avant garde facilities that they provide, you can consider your money well spent. The housing complexes boast of the most amazing facilities like clubs, landscape parks, lush green surrounding, non stop power and water supply. Apart from this, the place is well connected to reputed educational institutes, hospitals and commercial hubs. The proposed metro corridor near this region will facilitate more connectivity and thus, can be considered an added bonus. This place is a perfect living space to set up your home and raise your children. With the sole credit to this renowned visionary, a common man can now dream of being a proud occupant of a magnificent residential apartment.