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The man who brought change: Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director


In the event that you discuss tasteful private homes at reasonable costs, there is, maybe, not a solitary individual in the land who has not heard the name of AVJ Group. The visionary founder of the group, Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director has provided numerous joyful families in extravagant condominiums at noteworthy low rates. AVJ Group has as of late propelled two new private projects in Greater Noida which guarantees to give extravagance and fundamental luxuries at the ostensible prices.


The AVJ group sets a prime point of using the best building methods and segments available and has appropriately conveyed to the guarantee. They have made an imprint in supplying alluring private buildings and stately townships on time and that too on shabby rates. AVJ Group CMD ensured that the group’s compelling target is significantly more astonishing than transforming into the leading heavyweights of the realty industry as it intends to be the evident choice for the customer. Therefore, the company is striving to secure the trust of the people as he acknowledges that it is an invaluable holding for any land development.

He trusts in propelling lifestyles of individuals and presents another outline to their regular undertakings by effectively developing mastery and techniques. The prestigious group is one of the leading land groups in Delhi/NCR and recently initiated another lodging venture in Greater Noida, i.e. AVJ Homes. He is moreover setting up the qualities at the focal point of the association and assurance that these principles are submerged in the central working to profit the ensured customer profits. AVJ Group pledges to make and develop state of art structural arranging and features to the customers at apparent expenses.


The optimistic Vinay Jain remains grateful to customers for their continued sponsorship as the present stature of the conglomeration may have not been possible without it. AVJ envision the similar trust and sponsorship of the people to enable them to take off from quality to quality and provide them world class structures.


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