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Commercial Boon to the Consumer from AVJ Vinay Jain


1AVJ Group is one of the biggest players in the realty sector which is continuously making its stamp and setting points of reference by creating some finest and tasteful structures. In the wake of starting the world class housing ventures in Greater Noida and a business extend in Bhiwadi as of late, AVJ Vinay Jain has chosen to move towards the national capital. The past tasks of the AVJ Group accepted a gigantic level of positive input from masses as the group appeared the prospect of conveying the top quality enhancements and gimmicks at prudent expenses. Presently, they have chosen to do the same in East Delhi districts like Preet Vihar and Anand Vihar.

At last, Vinay Jain AVJ has ventures in the national capital and has affirmed to make a colossal financing of Rs. 300 crores for the improvement of two fresh out of the box new commercial ventures. The Chairman and Managing Director accepts that there is a tremendous need among consumers for business structures in East Delhi and consequently he has chosen to dispatch two business structures, AVJ Business Suites and AVJ Business Park in Preet Vihar and Anand Vihar, respectively. These projects are sure to fulfill the business needs of individuals searching for business spaces, work places and suites.

The smartly arranged commercial ventures of the AVJ group are relied upon to be finished inside two years while the aggregate financing needed for finishing them is evaluated at Rs. 300 crores. The venture land has as of now been bought as AVJ Business Suites in Anand Vihar are arranged in an aggregate region of 2700 square meter while the AVJ Business Park in Preet Vihar is sprawling in 2000 square meter. Much the same as the past ventures, the recently started projects will most likely offer world class structure, top conveniences and all the advanced facilities under one top and all this at strikingly low expenses.


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