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AVJ Vinay Jain Looks Forward to the Completion of AVJ Projects


The interim budget of 2014-15 blew some people’s minds with some of its dynamic measures. The Chairman of AVJ Vinay Jain respected the new budget for its huge cuts on capital products and vehicles which thus will support the domestic manufacturing unit. The assignment of an enormous total of cash for both country and urban economy will eventually empower the individuals to bear the cost of comfortable homes. Notwithstanding, he expressed concern over that the issues in land has not been tended to in the budget. The long standing interest for lessening purchasing cost and expanding local interest has not been met.

Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director of the AVJ Group is a champion of the reason for the regular individuals. He established the framework of the AVJ Group with the sole vision to oblige the normal man in a comfortable home at a competitive rate. He has materialized this dream into actuality with the launch of AVJ Homes and AVJ Heights at Beta II and Zeta I, Greater Noida. These luxurious private flats are made accessible at an abject installment and the remaining offset could be paid in regularly scheduled payments in excess of ten years. This sensible installment plan is a brilliant open door to get your self a shiny new extravagant home.

With the unlimited extent of cutting edge amenities that they give, you can think about your cash well used. The housing projects gloat of the most astounding facilities like club, Scene Park, lavish green encompassing, non stop power and water supply. Apart from this, the spot is generally associated with presumed educational establishments, doctor’s facilities and business hubs. The proposed metro station close to this locale will encourage more connectivity and subsequently, could be viewed to really sweeten the deal. This spot is an impeccable living space to set up your home and raise your offsprings.


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