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AVJ Vinay Jain sees Ray of Light in New Budget

On the new budget given by the Finance Minister lately, AVJ Vinay Jain feels that the budget plan 2014 is dynamic on some checks. He believes that the excise duty cuts on capital products and vehicles will empower national manufacturing sector which has been influenced by a moderating economy. The catalyst provided for urban and rural lodging through the portion of Rs 2000 crores and Rs 6000 crores separately, will unquestionably avail reasonable lodging to a substantial segment of the society, while giving a help in the arm of partnered segments like cement and steel.

He further thinks that the budget will come as a boon to the construction and housing sector as they will certainly benefit from it. Notwithstanding, it is truly baffling, that the long held requests of the real estate sector, which was anticipating that more sops will increase the domestic demand and reduce the borrowing rates, have not been tended to in the present plan. He expects the Finance Minister to seriously look into the real estate sector’s demands and take necessary and beneficiary steps. Vinay Jain, Chairman & Director of AVJ Group has recently launched two new housing projects in Greater Noida.

The AVJ Group CMD, Vinay Jain expects to set new points of reference in the construction business and accepts that the moguls’ certainty empowers them to put enduring step towards the excellence. He further included that the group longs for building goodwill as it is dead set to fulfill the promises it has made to their profitable clients. Additionally, the idealistic Vinay Jain AVJ remains thankful to clients for their enthusiastic support as the present stature of the group might have not been conceivable without it. We anticipate the wholehearted trust and backing of the people to empower us to move from strength to strength and give them world class amenities.


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