A name to be associated with success is AVJ Group Vinay Jain

The real estate sector is an arena which is always being transformed and changed with the constant efforts of the people. There are numerous developers present in the industry who have been treading this water for a really long time. They have assembled a wide variety of residential, commercial and mixed use projects for the use and perusal of the clients. However, there are only a few players available in this sector that is perfectly able to stand at par with the investor’s needs and wants. The esteemed AVJ group has been ever present in the industry and has acquired a lot of name in the market due to their efficient craftsmanship. This group was started by a dynamic mind of a young man who dreamt of making big in the arena. Mr. vinay jain avj started this company with a dream of bringing smile in the life of numerous people. This real estate sector is ready to envelop the market with a buzzing breeze of the new age projects specially crafted in numerous different sectors like residential, commercial and mixed use etc.

This group has assembled a wide variety working personnel who are selected after carrying forth the intense interview sessions comprising of written, communication and kills test. All of their ventures boast of amazing qualities which cannot be ignored as they provide all the amazing luxuries present in the world. In the recent years this duo of AVJ Group Vinay Jain has assembled a keen fame for themselves in the society which is undeterred. People rely on them for perfection and quality which cannot be attained anywhere else.

AVJ Group CMD The growth shown by this group in such a short span of time is remarkable and cannot be left ignored. They have increased the level of competition up a notch in these past years and their peers have started looking toward them as a potential competitor. The amazing commandeering of avj vinay jain has left no stones unturned in order to provide great projects to the investors. They understand that every person likes to invest in the real estate sector but are often left worried due to the level of risks and competition prevalent in the industry.

The exemplary work ethics of dynamic AVJ Group CMD is a class apart as he instills all his fine acumen and skills in crafting some of the finest projects available in the market.


Make a successful approach with AVJ Group Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain is that name who started a small business & made it into an empire. AVJ group is one of the leading real estate companies in Noida & Greater Noida which is making its mark very quickly and within a short period of time. Vinay Jain is the Owner & CMD of this company & there is no doubt that he has done it every time.

With a little investment he started this company in 2005 & the world knows today where he has taken it in just a few years’ time. The owner of avj vinay jain had one vision in mind to make the world a better place with peace & serenity, his working methods are very different because he keeps his employees not as workers but as a family & this is the reason why he has the best team of architects & constructors.
avjlinHis projects & his words both have stood on their grounds, the recent projects both in Greater Noida are becoming a great success and all of his clients are very well satisfied by it. He gives his customer so much value to money & many payment plans so that his clients won’t have to face any problem related to money. With his tie up with many multinational banks and national banks he gives the opportunity of loans to his customer and that to with great interest rates and deals upon it. So if there is anyone to rely on related to real estate in Greater Noida then it is AVJ Group Vinay Jain.

After the success of his last project he came back with a roar to capture the market once again &because of this attitude he makes it happen every time, the chairman says that our words is our work. There are a many companies in the market offering deals but our chairman offers what he can give not like saying anything and giving anything.Because of this thinking he has never failed in his work & given his best. The best fact about AVJ Group CMD is that he has all of his projects in Greater Noida which is very close to Delhi and all of you know that Delhi is the capital of India so it gives many opportunities for business growth & development, soon enough he will complete this project and start a new one like this one.

The man who brought change: Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director

In the event that you discuss tasteful private homes at reasonable costs, there is, maybe, not a solitary individual in the land who has not heard the name of AVJ Group. The visionary founder of the group, Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director has provided numerous joyful families in extravagant condominiums at noteworthy low rates. AVJ Group has as of late propelled two new private projects in Greater Noida which guarantees to give extravagance and fundamental luxuries at the ostensible prices.


The AVJ group sets a prime point of using the best building methods and segments available and has appropriately conveyed to the guarantee. They have made an imprint in supplying alluring private buildings and stately townships on time and that too on shabby rates. AVJ Group CMD ensured that the group’s compelling target is significantly more astonishing than transforming into the leading heavyweights of the realty industry as it intends to be the evident choice for the customer. Therefore, the company is striving to secure the trust of the people as he acknowledges that it is an invaluable holding for any land development.

He trusts in propelling lifestyles of individuals and presents another outline to their regular undertakings by effectively developing mastery and techniques. The prestigious group is one of the leading land groups in Delhi/NCR and recently initiated another lodging venture in Greater Noida, i.e. AVJ Homes. He is moreover setting up the qualities at the focal point of the association and assurance that these principles are submerged in the central working to profit the ensured customer profits. AVJ Group pledges to make and develop state of art structural arranging and features to the customers at apparent expenses.


The optimistic Vinay Jain remains grateful to customers for their continued sponsorship as the present stature of the conglomeration may have not been possible without it. AVJ envision the similar trust and sponsorship of the people to enable them to take off from quality to quality and provide them world class structures.

Vinay Jain Chairman & Managing Director of AVJ: The eminent Developers

This noticeable group created in 2005, has been making an incredible commitment in the field of realty since its beginning. Vinay Jain AVJ is concocting the new residential ventures in the NCR district to give up to date courtesies and extravagance filled excessive homes,which are put in the best position of the entire region. The group trusts in propelling lifestyles of individuals and presents another outline to their regular undertakings by effectively developing mastery and techniques.

Vinay Jain Chairman & Managing Director has strived to develop sensible buildings with incredible amenities. The projects of this group have been making a sensation for its famous facilities yet at inconspicuous expenses. Private homes in the projects in Beta-II, Greater Noida and Zeta-1 are evaluated at around Rs. 40 lacs.

These modern lodging edifices comprise of remarkable facilities like non-stop water supply and power supply, security with CCTV surveillance, upkeep, staff, club, exercise center, swimming pool and a lot of people more. AVJ Group CMD, Vinay Jain always wants the best for his customers and consequently, constantly strives to add new characteristics to his projects. The mind boggling inner part design adorns the intricate with an inimitable feeling of magnificence and quality. With the unlimited extent of cutting edge amenities that they give, you can think about your cash well used. The housing projects gloat of the most astounding facilities like club, scene park, lavish green encompassing the entire project. Apart from this, the spot is generally associated with presumed educational establishments, doctor’s facilities and business hubs.

AVJ Group Projects are synonymous with deliverance at excellent levels. On the off chance that you are searching for extravagant flats at shabby rates, this is your opportunity to snatch the good fortune. The stupendous offer of these remarkable flats at strikingly low value rundown is an aid for the basic man.

Astonishing Projects with World Class Amenities Provided By Vinay Jain Avj Group

vinayjainThe chairman of avj group vinay jain has stated many projects to provide all the needed amenities and facilities with luxuries and well spacious properties within the budget of the home seekers. The company established in year 2005, has an aim of satisfying their clients by providing them everything they need in their homes. The CMD is considered as the rock solid support of the company due to which the company has rise so well. Vinay Jain invested all of his hard earned money in his projects to deliver what a customer wants. The venture believes that they can achieve what they have dreamed of and has proved it right by gaining thousands of satisfied customers. Timely possession is the key to success of the company and all of its projects are delivered well on time. vinay jain avj group always wanted to provide all kinds of facilities to the common man that they cannot afford within their budget and the projects actually provided those facilities.

The most recent and coolest project of the company is the AVJ Heightss that offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats with various facilities and world class amenities which a home buyer generally seeks for. Amenities like Gymnasium, Club House, Spa, Wifi, Health Clubs, 24 Hours Water Supply, Swimming Pool, CCTV Surveillance, 24 * 7 Power Backup etc are provided by the project which helps customers in living a sophisticated lifestyle. Other common facilities like split Air-Conditioners, Luxuries Bathroom Fittings, Modular Kitchen & Chimney are also provided in the project. All these facilities and luxuries spaces are available at an affordable cost of Rs. 3700 per sqft. The company also offers villas, plots, studio apartments, malls, retail shops, commercial spaces in their other projects as well.

Commercial Boon to the Consumer from AVJ Vinay Jain

1AVJ Group is one of the biggest players in the realty sector which is continuously making its stamp and setting points of reference by creating some finest and tasteful structures. In the wake of starting the world class housing ventures in Greater Noida and a business extend in Bhiwadi as of late, AVJ Vinay Jain has chosen to move towards the national capital. The past tasks of the AVJ Group accepted a gigantic level of positive input from masses as the group appeared the prospect of conveying the top quality enhancements and gimmicks at prudent expenses. Presently, they have chosen to do the same in East Delhi districts like Preet Vihar and Anand Vihar.

At last, Vinay Jain AVJ has ventures in the national capital and has affirmed to make a colossal financing of Rs. 300 crores for the improvement of two fresh out of the box new commercial ventures. The Chairman and Managing Director accepts that there is a tremendous need among consumers for business structures in East Delhi and consequently he has chosen to dispatch two business structures, AVJ Business Suites and AVJ Business Park in Preet Vihar and Anand Vihar, respectively. These projects are sure to fulfill the business needs of individuals searching for business spaces, work places and suites.

The smartly arranged commercial ventures of the AVJ group are relied upon to be finished inside two years while the aggregate financing needed for finishing them is evaluated at Rs. 300 crores. The venture land has as of now been bought as AVJ Business Suites in Anand Vihar are arranged in an aggregate region of 2700 square meter while the AVJ Business Park in Preet Vihar is sprawling in 2000 square meter. Much the same as the past ventures, the recently started projects will most likely offer world class structure, top conveniences and all the advanced facilities under one top and all this at strikingly low expenses.

AVJ Vinay Jain Ready to take on Real Estate Sector with AVJ Projects

AVJ HomesIn the later times, AVJ Group has risen as one of the quickly developing realty companies as the exquisite yet practical housingventures propelled by the group have gained a huge response from general society. The company is enthusiastically working after building the conviction and trust of client into their brand. Indeed Chairman of AVJ Group Vinay Jain  focuses on the development and foundation of top class corporate organization alongside the sole thought process of keeping the client’s fulfillment above everything.Mr. Jain guaranteed that AVJ Group’s extreme target is much greater than turning into the leading heavyweights of land industry as it means to be the undeniable decision for the client.

Consequently, the group is striving to secure the trust of individuals as we accept that it is a precious stake for any land organization. We are additionally setting up the qualities at the center of the company and guarantee that these rules are submerged in the fundamental working of the organization to benefit the guaranteed client benefits. AVJ Group flourishes to create and give state of art structural engineering and design to the buyers at ostensible costs. The Vinay Jain AVJ needs to set new developments in the land business and accepts that the moguls’ certainty empowers them to put unfaltering step towards the flawlessness.

AVJ Vinay Jain  further included that the company yearns for building goodwill as it is all set to satisfy the promisesit has made to their important clients. Besides, the hopeful Managing Director of AVJ stays thankful to clients for their proceeded backing as the current stature of the group might have not been conceivable without it. He anticipate the comparative trust and backing of the individuals to empower him to go from quality to quality and give them world class courtesies. He also makes a guarantee to people that the group will never let their trust down.

AVJ Vinay Jain Comes Up with Remarkable Residential Projects


This perceptible group made in 2005, has been making amazing contribution in the field of realty since its starting. Started with the vision of giving luxury homes to the normal Indian by AVJ Group Vinay Jain, this organization has overseen sumptuous homes to the people at best in class rates. Initially, the organization was started with the dedication of Vinay Jain himself yet now after pretty much 10 years, this group has touched base at such a stage, to the point that couldn’t have been imagined at first experience with the world. Today, this organization is seen as a leader around the biggest playersof realty sector.

AVJ Group presents AVJ Homes and AVJ Heightss, two surprising housingprojects. Found in Beta II and Zeta I, Greater Noida respectively, these apartments are brimmed with all fantastic luxuries that are seen as essential for leading a suitable life. Immediately you can experience top of the line facilities like swimming pool, club, rec center, 24 hour power supply, unfathomable water supply, recreational centers and courses of action along these lines on at genuine expenses. Made in the lap of nature, these private flats offer an intriguing feeling of quietness to its occupants. These flats are available in 2, 3 and 4 BHK in distinctive sizes.

AVJ Group projects are synonymous with deliverance at amazing levels. If, despite everything that you are looking for lavish flats at shabby rates, this is your chance to grab the favorable luck. The astounding offer of these momentous flats at strikingly low value is a boon for the common man. It has reliably been a wish of AVJ Vinay Jain to help the customary man in fulfilling his desire for living in a luxurious standard. Through their creative contemplations and forefront designing they have changed many individuals upsetting packages into great magnificent home.

AVJ Vinay Jain Brings the Best Housing Opportunities in Greater Noida

avjPropelled in the year of 2005, AVJ Group has risen as a solid player in realty sector in this short compass of time. The group CMD had determined the change in individuals’ lifestyle design and saw that with the approaching years, natives of this nation will create better taste in lifestyle decisions. In any case he additionally recognizes the climbing costs of products and comprehends the load it pushes on the regular man. In this manner, he initiated a magnificent private structure at Zeta I at a low value rate for the profit of the masses. The most recent installment arrangement is a confirmation of his extraordinarily substantial heart.

The extravagantly outfitted flats at AVJ Heightss are completely packed with advanced alternatives. Inhabitants can experience extravagance through the different excessive conveniences accumulated at this intricate for their solace. Top of the line characteristics like swimming pools, exercise center, club, stops and separate play area for children are productively supplied here. The qualities of this spot alongside the magnificent greatness that this spot oozes makes it for a sublime area decision for a home. AVJ Group Vinay Jain needed to give the basic man an opportunity to encounter lavishness excessively and he has effectively directed this dream through his ventures.

The area likewise plays an enormous variable in making this place a hotspot for home seekers. This district has suitable access to vital foundations like schools, universities, markets and health clinics. Situated in the premium rich area of Greater Noida, all vital regions of Delhi NCR might be arrived at from this region. These apartments in 2 BHK to 4 BHK could be benefitted at a remarkable offer with the beginning price being just Rs. 8.64 lakhs. Whatever is left of the installment could be made through installments for a time of ten years. This is an opportunity knocking and one should not let it go.

AVJ Vinay Jain Lets You Discover the Luxury of Life

avjIn the vicious cycle of demand and supply in real estate, The AVJ Group has found a pragmatic solution for the increasing demand for lavish homes to suit the sensibilities of new age youths. Living standards has altered demanding a new range of facilities for a smooth life. New technologies have rendered the life of people much easier than the bygone era. Now, people are on the watch out for a place that offers the most advanced resources. This company has undeniably nailed this thought by giving the most incredible services for their clients.

The plush dwellings of AVJ Homes and AVJ Heightss are endowed with remarkable assets meant to make life exceptionally comfortable. The apartments are fully adequate with the interiors done through special supervision by reputed interior designers. The arresting tower manifests the way forward to a brilliant existence. Unequaled resources like gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool etc are provided with remarkable exactitude. Moreover, the suitable location adds a bonus to these residential complexes. Learning centers, commercial hubs and medical facilities are located quite close to this spot. A resident can hog in all the requirements and take a step towards a new horizon.

This group has made these flats available at a surprisingly low price. Perhaps the reason behind this may lie in the CMD of AVJ Vinay Jain’s vision to put up the common masses in posh habitats too. He has stepped in to this field with this very motto and through their numerous projects brought it to fruition. With the kind of work the company has been doing, it can be indisputably concluded that the verdict is in their favor. People have come to associate this group with exemplary work for the projects they have worked on have produced tremendous results. Accessible in 1/2/3/4/5 BHK variety, these homes are the embodiment of complete luxury.